•  Updated VB6 Merge Modules

    This package contains merge modules with updated COM objects from Microsoft's Cumulative update rollup for the Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 6 Runtime Extended Files


  •  PDFCreator 2.1.2 MSI
    This is fully MSI-compliant installation of PDFCreator 2.1.2. It offers all benefits of MSI deployment, including deployment by group policy, repair, administrative installation, resiliency, and more. Cost: $40 by Paypal. This installation allows you do deploy PDFCreator by group policy. It has been successfully tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10, x86 and x64.

    Note that you can download free installation of PDFCreator from the product's website at . Don't purchase our MSI unless you need specifically MSI installation. What you purchase is not the product, but the service of having it repackaged into compliant MSI installation.

    Only the essential features of the original installation were implemented. It will work only on NT platform.

    If after purchase you are not satisfied for any reason, we guarantee money back.

  • Microsoft ISA Blacklist Updater

    Several places on internet are offering URL blacklists by categories - , , and probably more. These lists usually come in plain text format. There are scripts that upload them to Microsoft ISA Server, but the problem is in the speed. Anybody who tried this knows that the process of uploading is so slow that large blacklist takes many hours, of not days, to upload - which makes frequent updating almost impossible.

    This command-line application (freeware) addresses the problem by updating in ISA only those addresses that have been changed. It compares the contents of the given domain set in ISA with the list loaded from plain text, and then synchronizes them. As a result, process duration gets decreased many dozen times and daily updates become possible.

    This utility only updates the domain sets, not URL destinations. The reason is in my impression that practically all isolated URL's in the lists are long dead, so for the effective policy domains are sufficient.




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